Project Type:

Web Design & Development


Cyberpeak is a company that helps organizations optimize their current information security needs. This company had a website, but they said it was not working for them.


The old site was not converting any visitors to contact the company for more information. There was no call to actions on the site. Also, the information on the site was not very organized. The company offers two main services and the website visitors were unable to find the information for each service. The owner also felt his website was slightly dated and wanted a fresher design with more compelling imagery.


  • Reorganize his content to make it easier for website visitors to find information.
  • Add call to actions on each page
  • Create a contact page with all the methods the company can be contacted to make it easier for website visitors to take action.
  • Create a fresh new design that looks more modern with compelling imagery.


First, a new site map was needed since we were reorganizing and refreshing his current content. I worked with the client to accomplish this. The client then provided a new and updated copy for the new site map.

He already had a logo and branding that he didn’t want to change. So using colors and fonts from his branding, I designed mockups for the client. I made sure that he had all the items from his goal list. Then, We worked together until he was absolutely satisfied with his new designs.

Once the designs were approved the site was built, tweaked, and tested.


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