Stop wasting time and money trying to build a funnel yourself

Launch a high converting funnel in 2 weeks without all the frustration and overwhelm!


You know you need a funnel for your business, but you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and have no clue where to begin.

Actually, the word funnel has started to make you cringe. You have tried buying funnel templates that were supposed to be “plug & play” but they just came out looking like an ugly disaster. What a waste of time and money!

You bought that expensive software and spent hours trying to learn how to change colors and images, and how to insert your copy and it still doesn’t come outright.

On top of that, you are super confused about the technology. What hooks up where and how do you actually take payments for your upsells? Wait, what was an upsell again? So. Many. Moving. Pieces.

Not only that, your email list isn’t growing, you are not getting any sales, and you have no client bookings.

At the end of the day, you are frustrated, overwhelmed and you just want to give up on the whole thing.


You have wasted too much time and money:

  • Buying Templates
  • Watching Tutorials
  • Going through courses
  • Reading how-to guides

So, I want you to imagine right now:
What will your life and your business look like just 30 days from now if your funnel was finished?

You have high-end clients ready to work with you.

Your audience and influence is growing by leaps and bounds.

Your email list is growing every day

You are using the money you saved in other areas of your business, like ads.

You have time to do the million other business tasks on your to-do list that you haven’t been able to tackle.

There is a better way!


introducing the

fantastic funnel package


A custom done for you funnel package where you walk away with a strategically planned, beautifully designed funnel ready to build your list, sell your info products, or bring in leads and clients.

Everything you need in one simple package!

  • Funnel Strategy Session – We hop on a call to figure out the best funnel for your business using my Fantastic Funnel Framework. No more confusion about what pieces you need in your funnel. You will have your entire offer and funnel mapped out for you by the end of this call.
  • Custom Designed Funnel Pages – I design every page of your funnel from scratch. Your funnel will be unique to your business and match your business branding.
  • Complete Funnel Build Out – No more tech overwhelm! No expensive software needed! I build your complete funnel out on your WordPress website or on its own domain.
  • Responsive Design – Gotta make sure your new fantastic funnel looks good across all devices (computer, tablet, and phone).
  • Integrations – We work together to get everything connected so that your funnel works, from your email autoresponder to your payment gateway.
  • Email Sequence Set Up (up to 5 emails) – I set up your email sequence for you in your autoresponder.
  • Basic SEO – Using the keywords you provide, I will optimize every page of your funnel so that Google can find you.

Plus these bonuses!

  • Fantastic Funnel Content Workbook – No more staring at a blank page wondering what to say. This workbook helps you write the content for all the pages in your funnel.
  • 5 Point Email Series Workbook – No more confusion on what email to send and when to send it. This workbook helps you write the content for your email series.
  • Video Training – No more tech overwhelm! We have a training session at the end where I walk you through every piece of your funnel and go through all the important details like how to update and use your new funnel. This is recorded and sent to you so you can watch it at anytime.
  • Support - 2 weeks of support and minor updates after your funnel goes live

Ready to get started?

Funnel project pricing varies depending on funnel type. Lead generation funnels start at $500 and more complex sales funnels start at $1250. All are broken down into 3 payments.

Client Feedback...


Right off the bat, Angela asked all the right questions about our brand, our vision for our company, and who we needed our website to reach the most. Angela had a top down, detailed strategy for designing a fabulous look and feel, and great functionality. She worked diligently over an easy-to-use online portal with us, went above and beyond to consistently communicate with us throughout the process, and succeeded in turning our rough ideas into design magic! As the site developed and we transformed our needs here and there, Angela was super responsive, always had excellent solutions, and a faster than expected turn around. Starting a business can be really stressful, but building our site with Angela was stress-free and so exciting. Once we officially launched our website, it started bringing in business immediately. Angela helped us make a splash!

Robin Sokoloff Executive Director
Town Stages


Angela worked closely with my marketing wing-woman, copywriter and me to create a professional website that is simple and straightforward and easy for anyone to navigate. She was informative throughout the process, ensuring as the client, I understood what I was getting and how it would best represent me and my work. I truly appreciated Angela's insight, knowledge, and guidance, especially on a subject matter where I am not an expert. Thank you, Angela.

Mary Williams
Your First Impression Authority


With Fantastic Funnels you will:

  • Feel more confident sending people to your funnel knowing it works perfectly and it is beautifully designed
  • Stop wasting money buying courses, funnel software, templates, and guides that do not work.
  • Feel relieved because all the fear and overwhelm is gone and you know exactly how your funnel works and how it is going to level up your business.
  • Celebrate because you are finally unstuck
  • Have the ability to launch your offer quickly

What makes Fantastic Funnels Different?

This isn’t some standard Clickfunnels, template setup thing. Your funnel is built on your WordPress website or on its own domain. You control it. No expensive software needed.

Your funnel will be carefully designed and built just for you and your business to give you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. I listen to your business needs and build the funnel around them.

Built by an award-winning designer/developer with over 10 years of experience.

Client Feedback...


If you want the job done right and you want the job done fast Angela is THE person you are looking for. After countless experiences working with other designers and coders and receiving sub-par work (often late ) I finally found Angela! You can count on Angela to ask the right questions, think of the finer points you may have missed, and deliver the work as promised, on time!! A true professional and a bonus she’s funny as hell. Angela is a breath of fresh air.

Mina Shah
Mina Shah Enterprises

Getting started is easy


Fill out a short request form to tell me a bit more about you and your business.


Review the email sent to you detailing how to get on the call with me and what to expect.


Schedule a 15-minute phone chat so we can talk more in-depth about your business needs.


We hop on a call to talk about your project, website needs, and next possible steps.

Let's Do this!


Funnel Strategy Session
Custom Designed Funnel Pages
Complete Funnel Build Out
Responsive Design
Email Sequence Set-Up (up to 5 emails)
Basic SEO

Fantastic Funnel Content Workbook
5 Point Email Series Workbook
Video Training

Hi There! I'm Angela

I am an award-winning website designer and developer with over 10 years of experience. I design and build websites, sales pages & funnels along with providing strategic solutions that help your whole business grow - from building your tribe to making the sale.


In my experience working with clients, I noticed one big struggle that entrepreneurs, service providers, and small online businesses kept having over and over again.

They couldn’t figure out this whole “funnel thing”. They knew they need a funnel to grow their business after all that is what every online business guru was telling them. They just didn’t know where to start or what to do. I saw smart, amazing people become defeated, frustrated, and overwhelmed trying to figure it out on their own.

I wanted to help. I didn’t want them to be held back anymore. I asked myself what I could offer to help these amazing women through that struggle. The answer is Fantastic Funnels and the Fantastic Funnel Framework.

Not sure if Fantastic Funnels is right for you?

I only accept a certain amount of clients at a time and Fantastic Funnels is not for everyone, and that is ok. I would prefer to help you figure it out now rather than waste your time or mine. So who is it for…

  • You have made some money in your business but you realize you could be making more if you had the perfect funnel working for you.
  • You are ready to invest in your business.
  • You would rather not deal with the DIY details.
  • You are willing to invest the time needed for meetings, to do the homework, and to provide feedback.
  • You have a WordPress website currently or you are willing to build your funnel with WordPress.

Client Feedback...


For the first 40 years of my professional career, I worked in large law firms, and all of my IT needs were taken care of without my knowing exactly what was done and how it was done “behind the scenes.” So, when I started my new business, I needed to work with people who were skilled, responsive and competitively priced. Angela is all of these. She did a great job understanding my new business and how it should be reflected on the website. She also did great with my follow-up suggestions and meeting my needs from start to finish. I can recommend Angela without reservation.

Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin Mediation


Wow! I'm kinda tearing up over here. This is amazing. Thank you for doing such in-depth research, I didn't even know how to ask for this on my services pages, but it's everything I could have wanted. Your time in developing these shows in all the little details. <3

Kate Schoknecht
Brass Tacks


If you are looking for a professional website with a clean, crisp design and layout, Angela will get the job done. She has not only the technical skills but also the artistic eye to ensure the creation of a site that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our new website speaks for itself.

Rob and Chantal Daisley
Breckenridge Mediation

Ready to get started?

Funnel project pricing varies depending on funnel type. Lead generation funnels start at $500 and more complex sales funnels start at $1250. All are broken down into 3 payments.


You made it this far and still aren’t sure?

I know that hiring someone to build your funnel for you is a big decision. But doing so will free you. Free you from the frustration of figuring everything out. Free you from sitting in front of your computer for countless hours. Free you to focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

take a minute and look at what life would be like after working with me:

  • You are excited to send traffic to your funnel because you know it works perfectly.
  • You can focus your time on nurturing your list, building your audience, and other important business activities.
  • You have a steady stream of sales or leads and clients.
  • And MOST OF ALL...You get to help more people and spend more time doing what you love!

Funnel Strategy Session
Custom Designed Funnel Pages
Complete Funnel Build Out
Responsive Design
Email Sequence Set-Up (up to 5 emails)
Basic SEO

Fantastic Funnel Content Workbook
5 Point Email Series Workbook
Video Training

Ready to get started?

Funnel project pricing varies depending on funnel type. Lead generation funnels start at $500 and more complex sales funnels start at $1250. All are broken down into 3 payments.