Project Type:

Event Landing Page Design & Development


Healthesystems was hosting a private event for specific clients. They needed a landing page to send out as an invite to get their clients to RSVP for the event.


The design of the page needed to match the collateral they created for the event which included a mailer and a dish towel. The page also needed to make the rsvp process easy and quick.


  • Design to match collateral already created.
  • Custom form to make the RSVP process quick and easy


I took the fonts and patterns from the collateral to design the page. I also used an actual photo from a past event that was held at the space. I made the page short so the clients wouldn’t have to scroll through a bunch of content to get to the form. The only call to action on the page is the form so there is no confusion on what the client needs to do on the page.

Project Features

  • Rolling animation when clicking on the top RSVP button.
  • Custom RSVP form.


The event filled up quickly and was a success.

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