Soul Journey

Project Type:

Sales page design and development


The founder of Authentic Edge Designs, Bre Sweezy teamed up with Sofia Elena from Mindful Bliss Tribe to host an in-person event. They want to help women find clarity and purpose in their life. They needed a sales page to sell tickets to their event.


Since the sales page was going to be added to her existing website, the new sales page had to be on brand and match her current site. Fresh graphics were created for this event so they needed to be incorporated on to the page. She also needed to sell tickets so she needed a payment processor.


  • New page to match her existing website but also incorporate in her new graphics for the event.
  • Integrate stripe as a payment processor to be able to sell tickets.


I took the new graphics and made a color palette out of it.

I took the copy she wrote and broke it up into more readable sections and added them to the page.

I set up and configured Stripe as her payment processor.

I just made a simple and clean page so customers could easily sign up for the event.

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